One of the most popular flower shows that our local Botanical Gardens showcases each year is the orchid show. This past year was the first time I (Lil Sis here) had actually gone to view the flowers and, Holy Guacamole, was there some serious orchids there. 

I have to applaud the Gardens here because they try very hard to showcase the orchids is as natural of a way that they can. They go to great lengths to inform and educate the viewers on how these plants grow in their native habitats. Did you know there were some orchid species that only grow in Madagascar? Yea, I didn’t either. 

Big Sis took numerous photos at the show and I wanted to show you 2 of my favorites. There are many more and I’ll be posting more soon but as a quick preview here you go.


Orchid 2



Flower trio cropped & adjusted

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